Spring and Relationships

As the days get warmer and lighter, and the spring and summer holidays are around the corner, it can seem like everyone else has a partner to spend time with. What can you do to take care of the feelings that arise when you want a special someone to share your time with, and they are not in your life?


Well first of all, it can help if you determine the feeling you want to experience when you share a spring or summer day with a romantic partner, and then see if there is anywhere else you can have a similar feeling.  For me, I love the sense of connection I get from doing something outdoors, or active with a romantic partner. If that is not available, I can get a great approximation connecting with horses, and connecting with riding companions at the barn, and then enjoying the activity or outdoors with them!


So what is the feeling you want to experience? Connection, freedom, excitement, joy, relaxation, safety, warmth, fun, happiness, or .....?

I'm curious to see what feelings or activities you might come up with!