New Business Name

I am pleased to announce my new business name - The Relationship Place LLC. The name change is the acknowledgement that my business is 'all about relationships'.  I love the topic, and I am sure there will always be more to learn, share, and put into practice.

With the large, complex brains humans have, we have a great capacity to create complicated interactions with those we love, and it is my view that our cultural and societal beliefs have made it an increasing challenge to create harmony with a loved one.  

These challenges tend to come into magnified focus in romantic relationships. Some suggest that at least 90% of all romances end, including 50% of marriages.  So, perhaps we have unrealistic expectations, and maybe we don't know how to 'do' a good relationship.  In both of these ways we undermine the love that is possible.  My passion is discovering and sharing what works!