The Enlightened Relationship

What is an enlightened relationship? What would it be like to love with your eyes and heart open to the truth of your relationship, freed from ignorance and misinformation?


If each person has a full comprehension of the issues that an intimate relationship brings to the surface, self-awareness, and the ability to choose behaviors consciously, then an enlightened relationship is possible. Why should this matter? In my view, enlightened relationships are built on solid ground. The bonds are more resilient, and less likely to break through misunderstanding, or an inability to meet each other’s needs. In addition, what we project onto others and see as their fault lessens, and arguments decrease!!


The steps to an enlightened relationship really have little to do with the other person, and everything to do with you. The dynamic between you serves as a catalyst. Relationships are the crucible where our wounds are hidden, aggravated, and potentially healed. As you resolve and release your own blocks to this type of relationship, everything in your life can improve.


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